Requesting help for a real backlink strategy to got a better position in google,

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    Mar 28, 2015
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    first of let me introduce myself, i'm an old 16 bits asm programmer, i'm sys engineer, and also a blogger

    since 5 year i work on a blog, who have for focus to alert people on what a really doing politic, financial and soo on,

    my blog dont get so much success only 1500-2000 visitor daily,

    i've optimised all i can, and attented some seo training,

    i finnaly understood that google is sorting site regarding their backlink,

    i started to create backlink but its very hard, and my oppoment get really more backlink than me up to 380k and i'm 55k

    i seek a strategy preferably of white hat seo, but i'm ready to get black hat one,

    the important point is that i need a company, who dont work in the emmergency, and really does the thing with thinking to the future,