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    Feb 13, 2013
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    Greetings community... As you can see I am new in this forum... I just got graduated from university but unfortunatelly if you don't learn things by yourself you will hardly have any future in this area...

    I am here because I have been really interested in sofware development and database administration since I started to study and it's been 5 years now learning a lot... However I haven't still learnt many things about cracking software... Today however, I came across an application in .NET 4.0 that validates username and password sending the data to a website including hardware id... The string sent is a Base64 and most probably using gzinflate but I didn't figure it out yet... Once the request is sent, the web server answers with another string which of course must contain all the information to deny or accept logging in... I have found these things using Wireshark and just as a try I've attempted to use OllyDbg and CheatEngine with no luck (I guess these apps are just for native code) so I would like to know if there is any nice way to skip such step and just make the app load... I can post the application or send it on a P.M.

    To be honest, as I am really starting with these kind of modification I have no clue what is the best to crack the .NET app... Although it has come to my mind to redirect the host/ip where it sends the request and code my own app/service to answer with a "valid" login info..

    Any ideas?