Request expert help me answer questions of AFF manager

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    Dec 6, 2008
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    Could you please answer the following to the best of your ability:

    How do you plan on marketing our campaigns? You indicated you were going to run a search program, what has your search experience been? Were you looking to run offers any other way, in addition to search?
    What type of campaigns/offers are you looking for?
    How did you come to hear of our network?
    Was there anything else I can direct towards your Affiliate Manager to support you with initially?

    Lastly, have you had an opportunity to review our Terms and Conditions? It is imperative we screen affiliates and accept the very best into our network. we have a zero tolerance policy. You will forfeit all earnings if we determine you are driving traffic or generating leads in manner which violates our Approved Affiliate Practices.

    Thank you!