[REQUEST] ANY CLICKBANK XBOX360 FIXES the 3 red lights of death!!!

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    about 2 months ago my xbox 360 broke , so that same day in matter of hours i went and bought a ps3, you might say wtf why? simple this is the 3rd time the 360 broke and its out of warrenty. you may say its no biggie just call microsoft. sure i have, they want $100 bucks, i'm like thats not bad, but i have to wait 30 days OH WAIT THIS IS THE 3rd time it BROKE the first 2 times i was lucky and it was under warrenty and i got by IF i didn't have warrenty i would of already dropped the $300 on just fixing it (3 times 100$) get this they don't even "replace" they just fix it, heres more shitty news, this thing broke the same way each 3 times, so fuck paying them a 100 then another 100 next year and so on

    i was thinking about buying one of those clickbank products to fix it but i'm like OH WAIT these leet guys at BHW can help me out

    so thats where i'm at now.

    Many thanks in advance

    *note* i was 3 seconds of posting this in the member downloads then i remembered only affiliate marketing related stuff could go in that specific section, so i googled and done some other searching and i couldn't find a way to fix the xbox360 so i was thinking maybe try the bhw lounge?

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    ^this has been on my mind for the past 2 months :| its collecting dust and i have over 20 360 games collecting dust too

    please brothers, don't let me down.:(

    if you help, i'll play you in some friendly xbox 360 call of duty