[Request Advice] Global Aff- or PPC-Companies

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by SebastianJu, Jun 4, 2010.

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    I want to have the ability to make money from nearly all visitors that come to my website. But most of the programs are only targetted to one or a couple of countries.

    So can you give me some hints where to find monetization ways that work for nearly all website visitors?

    I think there are two ways. First programs that offer worldwide or programs that are having sisters in other countries. For example the EPN-Program.

    The first group would contain for me Adsense, Amazon probably and thats what I know of.
    And the second group could be EPN.

    So do you know some more programs where you can simply add one code to your site and catch all visitors?
    Or is there a script that can be used on a normal website that can deliver ebayads to each visitors countries ebay. Because not every ebay is part in epn.

    Some tips? It would be nice to have some cpa-things like Adsense and shopping-ads too.

    So any tips?