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    Hey, I recently had somebody do a small job of styling the comments section on a wordpress site I own.

    Well they did a fair job, until they couldn't be bothered anymore and have left it incomplete.

    Looking for a freelancer to complete the task in hand.

    I am trying to style them like this:

    Not what he is teaching you to do, but rather his comments at the bottom of the page.

    The previous guy got most of it done, but was having difficulty with the colours. As you can see, admin has one colour scheme, no matter if he posts a level one or level 2 comment.

    All others get a standard theme. The guy I had before got the black background, the inset, the admin inset and even the side graphic, but for whatever reason wasn't intelligent enough to get the colour schemes lol, or remove the reply buttons when there are no more tiers of comments to reply to.

    So I'm looking for somebody to complete the work.

    The url will be given out to those interested for a quote.

    I am working to a budget for this as I have already paid out to get it this far, so looking in the very low $$, say around $10 - $15 as most of it is done.