[REQ ADVICE] Starting to sell our brand new Real Estate Script in the following weeks!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by ulijonroth, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Hello fellow BHW members.
    As I've been a member over a year I've learned many things from BHW and I am still getting a reasonable income from IM from my 3 websites.
    One of them is a PLR Store and others are targeted to advertising. I have done nearly nothing for affiliate marketing I only got 200 bucks from CB.

    As I already own a website design agency I've gotten into .NET technology as my collague is an expert on this. We have been coding a Real Estate Website script already and it is now %90 percent ready. We are implementing the template now and will be testing the software on our servers for any kind of attacks or vulnerabilities.

    The script will be using asp.NET and MsSQL with many options ready for the customer, and also we will be presenting the script with limited options for the bargain prices (like 100 listings limited for bargain hunters) and the script will have the ability of using 5 languages in bargain packages. For the real prices there will be no limits on the script.

    The script is nearly ready on one design with two options already, but we will surely be adding more templates to the script. Also we will give the customer the option to implement their own designs on the script as long as the design is available for the script.

    We will be hosting the sites on our own and guarantee proven servers, and we own our help desk members as we have been serving more than 200 customers on our country.

    What I am asking for is "ideas". What route do we have to choose when promoting and selling the product to our customers? What would you do to make this product sell? Affiliates? Any other options?

    I will be happy to see your answers and I will surely be giving a reduced price on BHW users who are interested.