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Nov 27, 2008
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A while back i was ban from g00gle for advertising replica goods. but my question to everyone is how are all the other websites are still able to advertise... are they advertising with a other company that is allowing it.. or is there a trick to advertise on g00gle with prohibit websites. thanks guys
Maybe those sites use a adwords replica with more of their own sites.

Selling Replica on big G is a problem. The ones I've seen these days put a front like they sell legit products... and I don't think they last long. Others go through accounts like socks, Which is getting harder now with G tough approach for new accounts.

But why go into that battle when there are so many other platforms that are easier to sell products on?

If you are interested in some ideas PM me
Yes that's right, this days selling with adword get more and more difficult now
I need also help with this, I get all my Google adword account suspended. If anybody can share or get in touch with me on Skype or PM.
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