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Replacing Facebook Ads With Instagram Journey Let's try to make a decent ROI

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by wiso4151, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. wiso4151

    wiso4151 Regular Member

    Mar 22, 2013
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    Welcome to my kind of fun project, which i thought is actually a great idea since now a days all of the younger people tend to spent their time on Instagram. Facebook Ads is a great way to promote CPA offers and make a decent ROI if you know what you are doing. Sadly, facebook sucks because almost everything that converts doesn't convert without a cloaker and if you want to scale things up everything gets banned, well at least for me. I no longer want to waste my time with facebook, which is why im moving to the second most lucrative social network : INSTAGRAM.

    What are my plans?

    I dislike to be a publisher. Publishers are basicly those who have to fear that at anytime some guy in a random location on earth can destroy your entire life with a mouseclick. That's bad and stressful. All those who try to build Instagram accounts with a lot followers are always dependent on those social networks and that's why i will try to buy instead of doing the work by myself.

    The basic idea is to buy shoutouts + bio links for shoutout time -> redirect traffic to CPA offer -> ROI+

    The good news.

    Instagram is perfect, because niches are very easy and clean. Therfore once you find something that converts, you can bank really hard due to the unlimited amount of big accounts that you can buy shoutouts from. I feel like Instagram is a place where a lot of young and "dumb" people hang out which means some kind of giveaway will always work. This idea is not by me, its from another forum. Post giveaways and content lock them with a "verify that you are a human" survey thing. So i already made test just 1 hour ago to see if that works.

    The bad news.

    That didnt really work well. The crazy thing is, that i am forced to work with an IPad (holidays) and therfore i had to choose some trash picture of an IPhone 6 giveaway. I can just link you the account and you can have a look for yourself @alexialuxury. As you can see the picture has 260 likes. As i am too stupid to contact the seller about the bio link, the desc.-link is the only redirection. Currently i have to work with what i have, but over 200 likes for an obvious old school scam shit is crazy. Im new to this Instgram thing but i dont believe people randomly like pictures. Anyway the link is simply for an e-mail submit offer (not content locking due to my "ipad" - inabilit to set up a website). I expected at least 1,2,3 dollars,but nothing till now. I believe the reason is the missing bio link and that i believe a short catchy video which explains everything instead of a simple pic would convert much better. But the main problem is the offer. A shit email submit which is only for us. I have no idea about the demographics of Instagram but most of that traffic goes into nowhere. I appreciate any tip regarding what monetization works on Instaram which is not only limited to US.

    When i am back home in 5 days ill try to setup a decent landing page +content locker and produce some high quality 15 sec videos in order to try that giveaway stuff again. Do you guys have any advice regarding other monetization methods for Instgram?

    I appreciate everything. The goal for now is to make a good ROI with tht giveaway stuff.

    In case i have some nice content locking website and buy a $200 shoutout for 4 hours on an Instagram page with average 20-30k likes after that duration, i should be able to at least make $1000 dollar in return for each giveaway. Thta of course implies that everything works well and all those who are intersted into that giveaway actually get to that content locking website. Thoughts on that?

    I appreciate every idea and will try everything out and report everything here.

    Dont take those ipad mistakes to serious :)

    Invested : $10

    Return : $0