Removing spam content I found on my blog, would this be hurting my SEO?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by bejiitas_wrath, Jul 12, 2012.

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    I recently found a couple of old spam posts on my website that had been there a while, they were a hot spas posting and a proactiv post. My web blog is a technical web blog so this might have been hurting my website. A while ago I did a massive clean out of my old blog comments and some spam postings that had crept onto the website to recover from Google Panda, but if I had a couple of spam posts left over on my website, would these have hurt my SER? I have a PR4 blog, but I want to gain. Does keeping your blog prudently clean of SPAM help with your ranking SER wise? I am thinking yes, but I want to know how much of an effect this has on a Wordpress blog site.
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    It can help and hurt at the same time. If you have rankings for those blog posts then your site might end up getting hurt. In addition, using something like akismet and disqus to monitor comments is key, they are fairly good filters of comments and help you sort out the spam. To increase your pr ranking you need to have more traffic to your site, because as you get to pr 4, traffic starts to determine more about your page rank as opposed to other forms of measurement (i.e. backlinks, on site, etc.).

    Your old posts, depending on how old they are, will only affect your current ranking if they are dated, meaning you can see when they were created. This is because Google tends to show the date things were created if they were inputted into the blog posts. But anything that you have created and that is SEO'd should be kept on the site as a way to garner more traffic to your site. I hope this helps, any questions let me know.