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Reliable way email to 50 000 opted in emails?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by sherry_d, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. sherry_d

    sherry_d Newbie

    Jan 4, 2010
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    Hi, over the years I have collected nearly 50 000 email through my site and Aweber is costing me too much as it was more a hobby site for me.

    I need a way that I can cheaply and reliably send these asap. Most of Aweber alternatives are expensive too but I was reading here of some other ways without getting banned by my host.

    Its important that these emails will be delivered in the inbox rather than spam box. I am not too techy so I need a simple way of doing this.

    Thanks for your suggestions.
  2. randybishop

    randybishop Elite Member

    Aug 23, 2013
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    I was born a poor black child
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  3. ChanzGrande

    ChanzGrande Elite Member

    Feb 16, 2008
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    Northern Woods Counting Money
    I am always intrigued to know how somebody who is as experienced as yourself doesn't understand and appreciate that the nature of spam is based on receipt of unsolicited emails. Let me clarify this for you.

    Just because somebody opts in to 1 of your lists - this does not grant you a license to send them email from a different list origin. Unless you have disclosed to 100% of these people that you do share their information with partners, and provide them an opportunity to OPT-OUT - then mailing them in this situation from a different email address or primary list origin is a spam-based activity.

    In many cases even mailing them from a different address when they've agreed to this is still a spam violation. For these reasons many people use list segmentation processes to adequately classify the nature of any given email receipt agreement. If you have legitimately opted-in leads, then your best strategy is to mail to them appropriately from each given existing list setup, or alternatively to invite these leads to opt-in to a second or subsequent list.

    For example, you might squeeze your whole collection of leads into a super-centralized lead database, but this is generally not the best strategy unless there is a massively common link across all the different lists, i.e. they're all various similar niche leads.

    All of this said, many marketers simply scrape leads from various sources, and engage in sending unsolicited emails - often because they think these people have agreed to this, i.e. you think you can use any email address and/or list origin to mail to your existing list-specific leads.

    For clarity all I'm really saying is that your question would have been better expressed if you had correctly stated you want to know how can you spam these leads. I'm sure that information is in the forum, and that's what the search functions are for. You'll find the answers you need/want assuming you dig deep enough. I'm sure a lot of folks are still using interspire setups, and still others just create automated processes to rely on the big name email providers for completing these tasks.

    Good luck to you folks. This activity is nothing I'd recommend for the faint of heart, or anyone else for that matter I suppose.