Relation between AC account, Paypal and W-9 (tax, etc.)

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    Hello all!!

    First off, I just want to say thank you to everyone on these forums who are helping others like me get started on bringing home the green.

    Anyway, I do have a question about AC, and as far as I can tell, I don't think anyone has been able to answer this question in full. This actually concerns outsourcing:

    What exactly is the nature of the inter-relationship between AC account and the w-9 (withholding form). The reason I ask this is if I open an AC account, I can only link it to one Paypal account. So, when I breach the $600 barrier, they would ask me for a withholding tax form w-9, correct? Would this become a hassle when I outsource (i.e. Set up another AC account, link it to a different Paypal account, etc.)? The reason I ask this question is: wouldn't they also require a DIFFERENT W-9 with DIFFERENT TAX INFORMATION for each DIFFERENT AC ACCOUNT? If that is the case, what's the workaround? If there is no workaround, how is it that other people can outsource and creat, like, 10 AC accounts and never get flagged on any single one of them?

    Also, does the IP address really matter, and if so, how does it tie in with my other question above (meaning do they keep track of which IP address is related to which AC account, etc.)? Maybe it would be better to use a proxy, but since I'm only on my first AC account, it doesn't really matter right now.

    This is what is actually stopping me from creating several different accounts on AC. An expedient and full-blown answer to this most important query would be most appreciated. Thank you all again!!!

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    please answer the questions! I want to know aswell. ;)
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    Ok basically everything Im about to say is stuff I've read on this forum and based on my experience.

    It seems like AC doesnt really check IP's for multiple accounts, but paypal does. Paypal will know if you are using a proxy as well. Its best to use a different IP for each paypal and AC account. Don't listen to anyone telling you you can use the same paypal for multiple AC accounts. They will eventually catch and ban all your AC accounts. If you make over $600 in a year you will have to pay taxes, which isnt that big of a deal. If it is then simply close down the account before you reach $600 and start a new one.

    Look around the forums to learn how to set up a fake paypal and get it verified.