regarding Seller's Permit/Resellers License (whatever it may be called)

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    I had a question and was hoping anyone here can help. I have created an LLC in CA for an e-commerce based business. I have an EIN, a registered LLC, and a bank account.

    I have already built relationships with multiple manufacturers who I'm working with already, however two of them are asking for a resellers license (or a seller's permit).

    I initially signed up for one with the BOE (California Board of Equalization) and they asked for a $2,200 fee(!). I looked around and found a couple businesses that front the money (as an insurance) and I can pay them a fraction of the $2,200.

    Now my question is this: Do I actually need a seller's permit? Is there anything I can do to go around it? I have made sales on Amazon/eBay and not once was I asked for one.

    Can anyone shed some light?

    Thank you!