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    Just something I do that I figured I would share. I know its been discussed here before, but wanted to bring it back up and couldn't find a thread.

    I do alot of manual backlinking the old school way. The good thing about doing this is: The pages you are going to be getting links for are ALREADY ranking in Google, so its instant traffic.

    1. I search Google for my Keywords. I make a list any forum, Authority site, blog or site really that catches my eye.

    2. I go to every site in the list and find out how I can get my link on the site. Look everywhere, think outside the box. Do not worry if you can not make it a text link, just get your site on there.

    3. Check your referral traffic source with analytics. You will notice which sites are sending you visits.

    4. Find out why you are getting traffic from there. Is there site page with your link ranking well in google? Does there site get ALOT of traffic? Find out what it is and duplicate it.

    5. Post a few more links on the same sites. (Other Pages, New URL with Redirect, ETC) Pointing back to your site.

    Just for example - I get 100 referral visits a day from 1 link. Link is ALSO on a pr3 page that has a 1500 Alexa rank. This wont happen to all of them of course, but keep trying.

    P.S. If you can post HTML, you do not have to only post links. You can also post Image links. Depending on the niche/site this can make a big difference.

    - I use to obviouslly find similar sites. Then I repeat the steps on the results. Very cool tool.
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