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    Hey Everybody,

    Forgive me for being vague here as I dont want to give away my niche. I have been running a website that is getting a few hundred impressions per day. Nothing big, but a lot of the people who have recently found the website have been coming back a lot. I make my money with Adsense. But what I would like to do is this. I would create subdomains (or even domain names) for those interested in promoting their own subdomain on my website (which I would create for them) on their Youtube channels and websites. When users would continue to come to the subdomain, the people who referred them would receive half of anything made on Adsense. Here's my question though: How do I avoid people abusing the Google ads (most likely the people who want to make more money and have set up a subdomain through my website) by clicking them over and over and getting my account banned? Clearly people who try this will eventually decide to try and make themselves money by clicking the ads. Is there any way to prevent this, or am I out of luck? Or is there another PPC website for publishers that makes this easier?

    Thanks very much!