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    Hi guys,

    Here is the situation im in. Ive changed the niche etc , but the example is pretty close.

    I launched a blog in 2013 about dog grooming. This was a branded domain, lets say it was called

    The (completely made up)

    I noticed there was a particular brand of dog collars that had massive search volume for discount codes for their online site.

    Lets call this imaginary brand "" - compeltely made up.

    I set up a page on my blog

    I saw the potential in this so set up a separate website

    I basically made the homepage a similar page to Re-wrote and expanded on the content, but the purpose of this page was the same.

    I was ranking 1st in 2014 for half a dozen money terms, but over time im not sitting at position 9-10 for these half a dozen terms.

    This website is hard to acquire links to because of the blatant affiliate nature of it. Many sites wont link out to "cheap" in the URL's, its a blatant affiliate site so some forums dont like me linking to it etc.

    I still have my which ive not updated in over a year, and that sits on page 6 and page 7 for the same money terms

    My plan is to;
    1 - Use as an authoritative site and provide insightful blogs.
    2 - Have all brand discount code pages as their own pages on
    3 - Transfer all content from to
    4 - Redirect homepage to
    5 - Redirect all inner pages (other brand discount code pages) to

    I have a few thoughts/concerns

    I haven't updated in a long time - however it gains traffic is ranking for more key terms than (not all discount code terms).
    The content on is more "bloggy" and less affiliate content.
    I would drive as a brand of insightful and useful info, interlinking blogs and guides to the discount code pages.
    I would use the blogs and guides as my linkable assets in "whitehat" outreach.
    I would web 2.0 and PBN links to the brand discount code pages.

    My main concern is, because is driving some traffic (despite the gradual decrease in rankings) - would these rankings transfer to .

    Id anticipate that untill google has reindexed the site wide redirects from, then would still appear in positions 9-10, but when a user clicks, they would obviously land on

    Once google has crawled and reindexed everything (id produce a new site map of and submit once ive migrated everything over to help speed the process up) would then appear in the SERPS in positions 9-10 ?

    Remember already appears in the SERPS between pages 6-7 (and nothing has been done to the site in over a year)

    My main concern is that I lose the rankings im currently getting for, and doesn't get much of an uplift from the redirect - so i'd lose what little traffic (and money)

    Im currently getting.

    Hope this makes sense, and i'd appreciate any further input or advice.

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    Any advice please guys?