Redirect Domain A to Web 2.0 that links to Domain B

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18 year old domain - Add as Blog Network Property or Redirect to Quality Web 2.0?

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  1. Use it as PBN to link to main sites.

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  2. Redirect it to Web 2.0 and Increase Juice Flow.

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  3. Redirect it to your money site.

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    Anyone done any experiments like this?

    I have a really old domain/site that I haven't done anything with in years. It has a Wordpress blog going back to 2007 (last time I updated it), but the site has been active since 1998. So it's about an 18 year old domain. I didn't want to give it up, but it's not part of my money making properties either, so it's just sat unattended.

    It doesn't rank for anything particular, but I've never really tried, either. It's never expired or never been penalized. It does have a few posts on it that are in my niche, but most are not relevant.

    This particular domain has a TF=30 and CF=19. It has some old links, but not many.

    I've been creating a lot of web 2.0s lately. Manually (I know, I know).

    Option 1

    Put up new one page wordpress blog with good content and link to one of my newer sites.

    Option 2

    Redirect domain to Web 2.0 (I only create hand/quality content web 2.0s) that links back to site?