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    Aug 24, 2010
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    I have searched for this since discovering that some wiseacre (sorry if it was you - nothing personal) has found a way to exploit WPRobot.

    I found out about a week ago that my autoblogs were producing eBay and Amazon posts.

    The thing is I don't have either of these as affiliate accounts AND I do not have those modules within WPRobot.

    So, I guess someone has found a way to tailor the other stuff the robot scrapes to their advantage (in my case yahoo answers and news, twitter, flickr, rss and articles).

    I am now getting (on three blogs) about 50% ebay/amazon posts rather than the above.

    My question/request-

    Is there any way to turn the tables on this exploit?

    Is there a way to make all (and by all I would accept EVERY - including the "blogroll" and any links I have already outgoing) links redirect to somewhere....

    more friendly ;-)

    To put it another way (because there is a LOT of confusion out there)

    I don't want the links to look any different. Or change the anchortext. Or change them to nofollow/****************/whatever

    I want every link on each site to point to MY chosen destination NOT where the other guy wants it to.

    I think I know how hard this is. I also think I know how rewarding a wordpress plugin that did this would be ;-)

    so, thanks in advance and, if the latter .. don't mention it ;-)