Redevelop my own business, from € XXXX to € 10.000


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Aug 2, 2016
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Hi all.

About me
I never thought I would start a journey here. But, I think it's a very motivational way to keep yourself on track. It's like blogging to your family about how great your backpacking trip to Thailand is. People seem to like it.

Well, at the moment I already make some money with internet marketing. In a short way: I sell semi-custom WordPress websites. This has made me quite a lot of money while i'm still a student, but I'm in my final internship now and in the summer i'm graduating for my BBA. I have an internship at a nice company, but I really don't like the workshifts from 9-6 and besides that it's a big company with a horrible culture and their customers too. Some companies forgot to innovate the last 10 years....

Earnings at the moment:
- Enough to pay my car
- Enough to pay rent for my house
You do the math

Why I start this journey:
Although I drive a nice car and live in a great house, I have a high study loan because I went to a private business school. I'd rather drive a nice car and lend money for school.. yeah well I still do not regret this. I don't like to work for someone else after I graduate.

What I want to earn:

€ 10.000,- a month profit in my company before EBIT

1 year from now on 10K
4-8 months from now on 4-8K

- I'm starting another company because I don't want to ruin my current earnings
- I have an office
- I have the knowledge for as far I consider what I need
- 2 hours a day
- Few € 100,- for graphics design logo/infographics/premium wordpress theme/etc.
- Software licenses

What is my new company about:
There are really good tech guys in this world who are great in creating stuff like websites. But somehow they forget about commercial insights. I'm not a custom web designer, but I know how to sell a semi-custom site with little effort for a very good price. I want to combine my sale techniques with my current knowledge and work out my fantastic idea. I bet that almost 9 out of 10 web design companies can make at least 5 times their revenue. Maybe I should start a web consultancy office..

I'm not revealing exactly what I'm doing, because this is not a method. I have read a lot of articles on this forum which inspired me and with simple twists they are really making money...

Anything else?
If I book some success, I won't post pictures of my bank account.. but I do not hesitate to post pics of upgrading my office from 1 desk to a 100 desks :)

Questions? Feel free to ask.

Day 1

*Looking for a premium theme for my company on envato market
* Created new domain, SSL requested for my new company
* Created a company name
* Wrote some info stuff for content marketing

Do you know a great premium WP theme for web agencies? Or should I go for the more premium look and choose a portfolio like theme..

I'll keep this updated.