Redemption is possible

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    To everyone out there who has made a small fortune online, lost it, got depressed about it and then felt like you can never get it back... guess what... there is always a second chance! I used to bank 20k+ a month on CPA dating offers a few years back and since then lived off of it and then became broke, in debt, depressed, lost my self esteem-- even came close to *gulp* getting a real job. I spent so much time in self pity and wallowing in how things went wrong so fast and it just spiraled into a never ending circle of negativity and I never got back on my feet. There is light at the end of the tunnel if you keep your head up and focus your energy on getting things done rather then regret over the past. There is always another niche, one more method one more thing to get you back to where you were.

    Currently I am only up to 6-7k a month but I have 0 overhead and only have to work 3-6 hours a day on my laptop while watching tv.
    Do I miss making 20k a month working 5 hours a week? Yes... am I pissed I have to work about 20-30 hours a week now? Yes.
    At least now I realize how lucky I was and can get back to making it happen again and this time not take it for granted.

    So to all you out there who have made it, then lost it, there is hope, and good luck everyone! If you haven't made it yet your just 1 dollar away, make 1 dollar online then repeat what you did 1000 times.

    Thanks to BHW for always being a place for ideas, help, and all around a good way to kill time LOL.
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