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Feb 7, 2015
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One of the reasons why you need to dive into Reddit. There are thousands of possibilities if you can rank you posts.

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Q and A
What is the Requirements to run Reddit Voter?
Windows Vista (or Newer)
.NET Frameworks 4.6.2
Chrome Browser

How many upvotes the bot can do ? Like how many maximum accounts it supports?
Regarding the accounts that the bot can hold, this will depend on the performance of your hardware. So far through my usage, it is able to run couple of hundreds of accounts.

New accounts are okay to get upvotes or we need aged accounts?
New accounts can upvote immediately as long as they are email verified and sitting in separate IPs. But I would suggest older accounts, 5 days old or older.

Apart from proxies & reddit accounts, DO I need any other stuff to run the bot?
You need at least a windows vista or newer OS for your hardware.
Newest Framework and Google Chrome to be installed to your hardware.

Does this bot run on VPS ?
If your VPS meets the requirements above, then the bot will be fine running through VPS. Currently running the bot VIA AWS.

Refund Policy
This is a digital product and it is tested and maintained everyday for further bugs. With this product, refund will only be entertained if the bot does not function as stated in this thread.

For assistance, please leave a PM here or you may send a Message directly to my skype:waraffiliate

PS: Some members received their free upvotes already, take a look on their feedbacks HERE
Thread Approved

For the review, @waraffiliate provided me with a license for their Reddit voter software along with some accounts and proxies to test it out. The details of my review are below.

Service Highlights
  • I scanned the software for malware and nothing positive came up (so no issues).
  • I tested the upvote feature and it upvoted the post I linked to from the accounts I listed without any issues.
  • I used the comments feature to comment on a spammy-looking post I found on Reddit. The comments went through with no issues.
  • I tested out the downvote feature using a handful of accounts, although because downvotes apparently don't show up as readily as upvotes, I had to log into the accounts to confirm that they downvoted the posts (which they did).
What Could Use Improvement
  • I often paste information using CTRL+V, although using that keyboard shortcut with this software results in an unhandled exception error. Right-clicking and pasting the info still worked, though. Update July 15, 2018: The seller fixed this issue.
Additional Information
  • In order to use this software, you'll need Reddit accounts and proxies.
  • A reporter asked me if the downvoting feature in this software is against the forum rules here. The way I see it, some users of this software may want to apply downvotes to their posts if they accidentally sent too many upvotes from their list of accounts. Additionally, they may want to make their posts less suspicious by applying downvotes along with upvotes to their posts. People, including me, have used a similar tactic on YouTube to make the ratings look more authentic, therefore I don't see a problem with it.
For buyers: The quality of the product or service that I receive is what you should expect, or better. If you feel that the quality of the service has dropped significantly, please let us know via the report button.
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Thanks, @Zwielicht for taking the time to review Reddit Voter.

As for the release of our bot and the service we are giving out 50% Off Code. Post below to get the coupon code. This will only be available in a short period of time.

* new layout
* login bug fixed
* new job: upvote/downvote comments
* many small changes

a small update:
* the browser saves profiles based on the username, once logged it dont ask again to login
* It checks if the user is logged
* when starting or stopping the job, it will kill all browser processes that was hanging

*post comments are working
-it will navigate to the posts URLs and select a random comment from the comments box and use it

* More icons in the menu
* Spintax allow in comments
* Check if chrome is installed
* Shadow text in boxes explaining each box
* fewer files and size in the software folder
* New icon in the exe file

* Error messages in results
* New option to select to save or not the cookies
* minor bug fixed

* Right-click menu for all text boxes that allow load from files and save to files
* New menu tools>Kill all chrome when running for a long time your pc might get chrome processes hanging in memory
I’d like to get a coupon for the lifetime license
Hi I'd like a coupon is still available(life time)
A lifetime coupon please.

I clicked the see the bot in action, but it only goes to a purchase page.

What are the settings for upvotes etc per hour ?

I also cleaned this BST a little, as you can't reply more than once every 24 hours in a BST
Please send me the Coupon Code .Thanks in advance

Mod edit:
Got one Copy.Going to test right now with some new reddit accounts and will leave a review
Order reference: RBTFB/1
Transaction reference: 9RC849949H9276549
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Got one copy :
Transaction reference: 6ES785190F23XXXX
Will test and write a review soon.

Mod edit: Sorry, I merged these by mistake. ~Z
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what you plan to add new features?
coupon code for life time license please
Any chance of having the bot make accounts? Is that possible in the future?
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