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Feb 8, 2015
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Reddit, basically of the most popular sites on the Internet (as of February 2018, Reddit had 542 million monthly visitors, ranking as the #4 most visited website in U.S. and #6 in the world).
57.4% of its user base coming from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom at 7.5% and Canada at 6.3%.

Full concentration, hard work, dedication and passion involved in my offers!


I will put your reddit link at the front page (rank 25th or more) of your desired subreddit.
On smaller subreddits (less than 30K subscribers) I’m guaranteeing you that your link will stick to the front page around 12 hours+!

(exceptions: r/news, r/all, r/politics)

I can post your link from one of my active HQ reddit account for $5


20 UPVOTES: 5$
40 UPVOTES: 10$

I can also add extra comments
I can post your link from one of my active HQ reddit account for $5

I will always start your order immediately after you purchased my service to make the best use of it so I'd recommend you to message me on skype before posting the link so it’ll have more impact if I start immediately!

Upvotes are done MANUALLY (no bot), drip-feed, HQ non droppable upvotes from different aged accounts to prevent your link to be removed! (6 months to 3 years old)


You send me your link and I manage to flip it as do follow on Reddit, simple as that!
Thanks to this service, you’ll receive a Permanent DA99 do follow Backlink, a few of these links can skyrocket one of your pages depending on the competition of the keyword.

I can post your link from one of my active HQ reddit account for $5

Payment via Paypal
You can contact me on Skype : live:tomprocontact (netalgo122)

Reminder: I’m always available to help my customers (inquiries, subreddit selection, content, title, best time to post, etc…) shoot me a message on Skype!

By ordering, you acknowledge that once your order has been processed, there will be no refunds. However I’m willing to give a link replacement for the Do follow service!

If your link is instantly removed after the submission (caught in the spam filter for example), I will post it somewhere else or I will refund you!

Be careful, Reddit can bring a huge amount of traffic to your website (usually called the Reddit hug of death) I won’t be responsible if your website gets overwhelmed, leading to the deleting of your Reddit link!
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For the review, @netalgo122 provided me with a live do follow link on Reddit as he advertises in his OP here .

Service Highlights

  • Communication was exceptional and response time was excellent.
  • The link went live almost instantly.
  • The link was removed quickly as it was promotional but the OP replaced it inside of 30 minutes or so.
What Could Use Improvement

It would be cool if you cold promote a tad more but the OP does not have control over what the Mods in the subreddit do and thus it is out of his hands.

Additional Information

I think if you work this properly you could end up with traffic that is targeted and generate revenue if your site is set up for Reddit peeps.
Are you able to provide the do- follow link for foreign (Dutch) sites as well?
Looks like a great service. How can you monetize this strategy for an affiliate?
Just ordered a do- follow link and he delivered it within a couple of minutes. Good service, thanks a lot.
Can you get a post to the front page on r/videos
Do this work for all subs. I am interested in ordering on games niche.
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Got hold of netalgo122 on skype. Super friendly and helpful. Minutes later I had a do follow Reddit link. Great service.
Transaction completed within 5minutes of chat on Skype, and I received a ******** link from Net within 3minutes of me sending the Paypal funds over to him. Net is a professional and he knows his stuff for Reddit. I received additional upvotes from Net too, which is a BONUS as the price he is offering is CHEAP for the quality of ******** link I received.

Will the link stick if the website is in other language than english? Otherwise it is a quality nutrition related website.
Will the link stick if the website is in other language than english? Otherwise it is a quality nutrition related website.
It will stick, even if the website isn't in english language!
PM me on BHW or on Skype to discuss about it Leo :)
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