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I need 10 to 20 accounts with Karma Comments greater than 50
Skype me, because I'm not often online on Blackhatworld
Skype: live:truonghaiceo
Can I get the list please ? I would like to place an order

All of my Reddit accounts are handgrown without the use of any bots or scripts.

All of my reddit accounts enjoy seniority as they are quite old (aged).

One unique private proxy per account was used to ensure that no bans or warnings occur.

With my reddit accounts, you can:

1) Create new posts on almost ANY subreddit (they have enough post + comment karma)

2) Create your own subreddit (they meet all the requirements)

3) Enjoy the trust of other redditors when trying to promote your stuff (age + karma)

To avoid my precious accounts getting banned (someone reporting them to reddit staff), I will not be sharing them publicly.

Instead, ask for the list of accounts by posting in this thread!


The following factors influence my pricing: Age + karma.

This is the formula used to determine the price of any particular account:

Amount of karma/500 + Age*7 = Final pricing in dollars

This means that a ten year old account with 10000 karma would cost 10000/500 + 10*7 = 90$

Refund policy

Once a purchase is made, no refunds will be eligible.

Contact me here for any questions: [email protected]

You can also just post here or PM me here.
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