Recycled Leads still earns $$$$

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    Is Anyone doing anything with their old leads? For some time now, Ive been recycling them.

    After posting, I gather up the leads that come in for that day and send out my normal responses (yada yada yada). I then move those emails to seperate folder. The folder is dated two weeks ahead. oh, and I have 7 of these folders one per day. Now, with Outlook Express, I created a 2nd email addy. This I use for sending out a different response to the same leads. note**You will need to switch over the default addy in your outlook to have these sent via the 2nd addy**.

    The response I got was a surprise to me. I converted like crazy. It also really doesnt matter if the leads are 2 weeks old or a month. It still works.

    I use this method when promoting ewhores and other offers like Free Credit checks. With the Ewhores, you would use a reply email saying something like, " Hi guys, Sorry Ive been away....." and with the Free Credit Checks, you would use a reply email like, "Hi, Im doing a follow up....."

    Anyway, Im curious to know if anyone else is doing anything with their old leads and what were the results?
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