Recovering my site that got hit by Penguin..

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    Hey guys.

    I have a money site in health niche, that on 5th October got hit by Penguin 2.1. There were basically 3 main keywords driving most of the traffic, so let me give details about these and a few other keywords.

    (I'm gonna provide as much details as possible, so you can better answer my questions, plus all the information might help someone too, i guess).

    Ranking Before:

    KW 1: 4
    KW 2: 4
    KW 3: 4
    KW 4: 15
    KW 5: 34
    KW 6: N/A

    After Penguin 2.1:

    KW 1: 15
    KW 2: 17
    KW 3: 6
    KW 4: 35
    KW 5: 40
    KW 6: N/A

    All the links in Tier 1 were high quality manual backlinks, like manual bookmarks, web 2.0 sites, high PR network posts, and so on. Nothing was automated here. However, there was one thing that I do admit my SEO worker did wrong. Anchor text diversity. I mean, there are about 6 keywords in total that we were targeting. And these exact 6 keywords combined together made +92% of our anchor texts. So I believe this is what caused us being hit by Penguin. However, it has been going on before too. I mean, the site would keep going up for a few days, then stays on some good spots, and then all of a sudden would drop to lower pages. (By the way, this is before penguin).

    Now after penguin, my site did recovered to some extents:

    KW 1: 10
    KW 2: 9
    KW 3: 4
    KW 4 (very high volume): 21
    KW 5: 46
    KW 6 (extremely high competition, plus 50000+ Exact searches): 73

    But then again yesterday everything back to where it was before penguin. We didn't do much work after penguin, only built around 20 backlinks with 60% containing naked URLs, the remaining as keywords. The site goes up a little, and then again went back down, just like always, even before penguin (the difference being that after penguin it is much worse).

    My Strategy For Recovering This Site:

    Alright. So my strategy to recover this site is as follows:

    * Note: By %, I mean the percentage of it compared to total links build.

    Build daily 15-18% blog comments link (to diversify the sources a little, and also to help diversify anchor text. Will only be using random anchor texts here), 10% wiki links on high PR and DA domains (to diversify link sources), about 12-15% web 2.0 properties (with a mix of anchors, but main focus on random ones), 10-14% Pdf/Document sharing (to get link diversity), 10-14% links using Senuke (will be using very carefully though. Will find own sites list to get links from, and also use unique content and everything. These are easier to create, so the main focus is to create anchor text variety), some Private blog network posts (personally owned), also some video submission, and social bookmarking (manually off course, about 8% per day). I will also be focusing on Social signals, and slowly build those too. I will do this for like 21 days or so. And then slow it down to 20% of this pace. This will help me balance out my anchor texts, also create lots of diversity in link types and so on.

    I personally do things like this strategy, but this time I let another person to manage SEO for my site, and this is a really important site to me, as it was making quite an income for me.


    1). Why do you think my site keeps going up and then all of a sudden drops? Is it because it keeps getting lightly hit for anchor text over-optimization time after time?

    2). As the site is lightly hit as of now, so I'm sure it can be fixed. What do you think of my strategy for this? Do you have any recommendations?

    3). What do you think might have caused the problem in the first place, other than the anchor text problem off course?

    4). Do you think I should focus on fixing this site, or start a new one from scratch? I personally think fixing would be a better idea, as it is just lightly hit, and already proved that it can be fixed if done right. Also, it already required a lot of work just to get here. But I'd love to hear your opinion on this.

    That's all I guess. I'd really love to hear your opinions and recommendations on this. Looking forward to it. Thanks