Recovering from Youtube Slaughter - Help me

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    I don't typically ask too many questions when it comes to this type of work, rather I answer your questions. But I feel as if it's necessary at this moment before I invest in scaling and overall quality of my videos.

    Some of you probably know me from around the PPD game. My accounts getting banned is nothing new to me, in fact it happens to me every 4 to 5 months.

    The problem that I'm having is finding a service in which I can use to rank my videos. I can do likes, comments, subscribers - but can't do views. The last time I've had to buy views was around 3 months ago, and in that time I believe Youtube's algorithm has changed - maybe not.

    Basically, I'm asking what are the best services I can use to boost my views in the most reliable, cost efficient way. Don't tell me Vagex, for the love of god.

    The hardest part about this is that I'm literally watching my earnings stop to a hault, and it's very discouraging as I work my ass off, and don't exactly see results instantly.

    I'm simply looking for your guy's advice to what I should do. Anybody who has had experience with earning through Youtube - let me know.
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    Never ever let your emotions affected with our work. It will discourage you and will often lead to depression. Once you upload, don't look back on the accounts. Just upload the shit every day don't stop. That's what I learned with working on YT for the last 5 years. There was a point that I was on a $800/day until things changed as competition gets stiffer and YT gets wiser. My earnings dropped so fat as its like the world ended, i was very disappointing that lead me getting lazy at all times and suffered depression. But I can't leave because its the only job I know.

    Persistence is the key, rinse and repeat, we are BHtters and we shall prevail. Once you earned and saved monies, invest on other businesses, diversify your sources of income so time will come in the future that we'll no longer worry about yt bitching like there's no end.

    If they ban 1000 vids then retaliate upload 2000 and so on. Don't stop. Cheer all the way. Be optimistic. Enjoy yt while we can. Good luck.
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    As for views, you can use BigBuddy's service!
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    I agree with babymonster.
    Youtube is a numbers game. You must upload every day and increase your total video count. Having 100 videos total is not the best way.
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    I've been using BigBuddy for the last five or so view orders. It's going pretty good for me, at $100/day because of him. The problem is, that I haven't bought from BigBuddy since his mobile retention views got patched. I haven't ordered the refferer views yet, so I don't know how they compare to the mobile ones. Everyone else who sells views, is to damn expensive, and I don't want to risk getting shitty views. *sigh* The internet hustle just keeps on changing!