Recommend me a replacement motherboard for low/MID-level pc

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    Have just dug out an old pc for one of the kids to use instead of my pc (Moshi monsters do my head in they always want to go on the fecking thing!!!)

    ...anyways, I dug an old pc out that has been in the loft for a good few years but it looks like the motherboard has died (several attempts to get it to power up intially etc led to a new power supply and I have yesterday installed a new PSU which now works but pc wont post - LED is lit on the board and fan starts but no rom drives open) as a result am more than happy to try a new board off Ebay (UK) but looking to keep costs as low as possible.

    This is the spec below of the pc, I just ideally want something that will go with the hardware I have so the kids can have a low/mid level pc for internet access etc only, am looking to put a wireless card in as well from another pc.

    The only things I have upgraded years ago were the memory to 1GB and a new sound card (Live blaster I think) and a new DVD rom.

    Motherboard Information
        * CPU Support: Socket 478. Bus/clock speed: 533MHz / 400MHz
        * System Memory: 2 DDR DIMMs. Supports DDR333. Max. 2GB
        * Chipset:
              o SiS 651
              o AGP 4x
              o Onboard video embedded in SiS 730D chipset
              o Onboard C-Media CMI9738/4CH AC'97 audio 
        * Form Factor: microATX - 244 mm x 220 mm 
    CPU     Intel Pentium 4 2.66 GHz
    BIOS    PhoenixBIOS. Press the DEL key to enter
    Motherboard     Elite L4S5MG3
    Memory  512 MB DDR RAM - PC2100 [B]**UPGRADED TO 1GB**[/B]
    Hard Drive      120GB Maxtor 6Y120L0
    CD Drive        Liteon LTD165 16x DVD ROM **REPLACED TO PHILLIPS DVD ROM**
    GCE 8481B CDRW 48 x 24 x 48
    Floppy Drive    Floppy disk drive fitted
    Video Card      nVIDIA Geforce4 MX 440-SE 128MB
    Sound Card      Avance AC'97 **REPLACED WITH SOUNDBLASTER LIVE**
    Speakers        Advent stereo powered speakers
    Modem   Generic Soft 56K modem
    Network Card    RealTek 8100L (onboard - RTL8139)
    Ports (front)   1x IEEE1394 (FireWire)
    2x USB
    1x Headphone
    1x Microphone
    Ports (rear)    1x PS/2 Keyboard
    1x PS/2 Mouse
    1x Parallel
    1x Serial
    2x VGA
    4x USB
    1x IEEE1394 (FireWire)
    1x LAN
    1x Line-in
    1x Line-out
    1x Microphone
    1x S-Video
    1x Modem
    1x Telephone
    Case    Fiat 2
    Keyboard        Advent multimedia keyboard
    Mouse   Advent optical mouse
    If you can give me some listings to look at or ideas on what I need to be looking at I would be grateful.

    Cheers in advance