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    Apr 24, 2010
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    I am trying to promote my site that represents my business in real life.
    Recently I found this site linkmarket com
    You find people that want to link through this site, and you link to each other.
    The problem is most of the sites that are related to my site (but not competitors, just related) are not responding to my link requests. All the sites that are willing to exchange links are sites about health insurance, about breast enhancement, about construction.

    Is it better to just be patient and keep searching for sites that are related, or to link to these sites that are not related?

    By the way, another question. When I am looking at a site that is willing to exchange links, besides PR what else should I be looking at? Some of these sites have great PRs (like 2 or 3, which is great for me since mine is zero)
    so if their PR is higher than mine does that automatically mean I should be linking to them, or there are other things I should be considering?