Reciprocal Link Management Software Needed !, need some help

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by T.N, Apr 15, 2008.

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    I've started my first reciprocal link campaign , but it is really horrible to manage it manually as I do ! I don't remember who replied, who placed the link, who refused, who still linking back to us,etc.....

    I was using an excel sheet and record when I have sent the mail, when I should notify them again with another mail, but it is useless. I think a system works more better for that.

    so, I've searched for link management software.

    I found some tools that sends automate link campaign emails, but I found that most of emails don't deliver and I receive the email failure notification.

    Other tools offer linking management, but when trying it, I found them useless.

    so, does anybody recommend me a specific tool to manage that horrible thing ?

    PM me plz if it is not recommended to tell a specific brand in public.

    and if anyone has any advice for me in my link campaign, I'll be thankful if you tell it to me.

    my imagination for that tool is to be a table that contains the site name, date I've first email them, date that I should resend the mail, either it accepts the link or not, either it still link to us or not, etc...

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    Se*oe*lite could probably help you (not sure though). It's available somewhere on the forum ..