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    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to start some new micro niche sites, and started kw research in recipes niche. Found lots of high CPC, EMD available keywords. In serps, is ranking almost for every recipe keyword (like retailmenot in coupons lol), and some other authority sites are there too. Plus, almost every single site has image snippets and they look very attractive. So I'm just wondering about 2 things :

    1) Is it possible to outrank like domains with few links? (it's a micro niche, I don't want to spend too much time on link building for micro niche sites)

    2) If my MNS will be ranking #1 and not having image snippet, will it still receive more amount of visitors than sites with image snippets on #2,3,4 etc?

    Thanks! :)
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    It will be very tough, but yes possible. Those authority sites may still out rank you, even if they only have a few backlinks to that individual url. Their domains are aged and Google knows they are quality. Think of it this way: Unless you can prove to Google that your brand new site will continue to produce quality content for the users, and your content will be better in a way, then you probably won't outrank the site. More backlinks don't cut it any more. If it's niche specific to a certain type of recipes, it might be easier to rank. Example, here's what I usually do for my clients, and it does work well: I'd take a sub niche of the recipes niche, like "chicken recipes" and register "" or "" and build a WordPress site for it. I'd write 30 articles at the first of every month, and set up WordPress to post 1 article per day. I've done this multiple times and it works very well. We didn't even do any real backlink campaign.
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    I've actually been doing something similar, except its a full on recipe blog updated weekly with quality unique content (wife is an awesome cook), so its more a hobby site turned into an SEO project than a MNS. We've been able to outrank allrecipe, wikipedia and other large sites for some low competition keywords. Still working on some of the larger competition ones that can bring in larger traffic, but plenty of 1st page listings already.

    Honestly, if you're doing MNS, I'd pick a different niche. Although the CPC looks good for a lot of recipe niches, the CTR's are horrible in my experience ... usually 0.2% to 1% CTR. Other sites I have do an average of 2-5% CTR with one niche actually doing 10-20% CTR on average.