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    May 9, 2016
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    I need some advices for my online adult business. At the moment I have a solid user base growing, but I'm not charging for any of the features yet, which I plan to do since I have good feedback.

    My main problem is, I need to provide my clients a way to pay for services through my website easily (credit card would be the best), while keeping my identity private (for obvious reasons).

    What would be the best way to achieve that ? I already checked for opening a company with a nominee for identity protection, they don't do adult business. Also indeed thought about Bitcoins, which I would love to use, but I can't think of any easy way for my clients to use the blockchain since they know nothing about it and probably won't go through the hassle of buying BTC on some website to then pay on mine.

    Any idea would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance