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Rebekah Says HI!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by zul_genius86, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. zul_genius86

    zul_genius86 Newbie

    Sep 17, 2008
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    Hello everyone!

    25yo mom here just joing the site! I have been braught back to this site so many times while searching google that I had to join!

    About me
    I have been into computers all my life when I was little my parents got an atari 400 I would play with that thing all day on our little B/W television, we had a book of software programs that you would imput into the basic program and in the end you would get a very lame game (or in most case nothing at all).Then we upgraded to the 800XL that one came with a tape recorder so you could save your programs. I remember it also had a modem and my cousin would come over and connect with his friends that was sooo cool! (remember this was the 80's!) From there we got a Tandy 1000 and that was so cool! Color and games!! WOW After the Tandy I was in highschool I remember my mom baught me a HP from walmart I think she spent over $2000 on it but that was the point I got into the internet! Our AOL and phone bills were so high! I hated when the bills would come in I knew I would be in trouble!!!

    So eventually I was on my own and had upgraded to better computer got my own dialup service and was away on the internet! My problem is that I am a self learner and have never had anyone to help everything I know came from reading and alot of trial and error. But when I mad $5.00 refering someone to paypal almost 8 years ago I knew there is money to be made here online!

    Like I said it seems like I am always just a little to late jumping on the bandwaggon. But about a year ago I got lucky (Plus alot of sleepless nights) I wipped up a small e-book and started selling it on ebay. I was maybe selling 1 or 2 a week at $9.99 not bad but the thing was that my auctions were getting between 3k - 10k visitors. So with alot of reserch I realized I needed to turn those visitors into money. but how? I came up with a way to get the visitors to click on my pictures take them to my website stuff a cookie from my CJ ebay affiliate and let them return to ebay. So instead of having 1 auction a week I went with 1 everyday upgrading them all to featured auctions. When I got it running My ebay sales were paying for my ebay fees while I was making $2k- $5k from CJ It was so nice that feeling of all your hard work paying off. eBay eventually caught my stuffing code but I got around it and kept going until they shut down ebook sales. That came the end of my run.

    Now to start over. I went into business with my brother he "got a good deal" on salvage electronics so we created underpricers, but this is too much work and not enough return for a mom in college with a full time job. So Im back at it to try and squeeze some more cash from my computer.

    I recently joined some CPA sites and just finished
    http://freebies.underpricers.com (check it out and feel free to give me fedback)
    But now I am asking for any help from you brilliant folks, This is the closest site to my personality from what I have seen here and I feel that I think along the same lines as most of you.

    So I guess this has run very long :eek: but and if you made it this far congratulations! But this is basically my story and if anyone wants to help a girl out (dont help me because Im a girl tho ;) feel free to contact me.

    Hello from Rebekah :)
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2008