Reasons for getting videos deleted, accounts deleted and banned

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    What are the main reasons for getting videos or whole accounts deleted or being banned on Youtube? I'd just like to know. I know the following stuff is risky, obviously:

    1. Everything blackhat, of course. Using blackhat tools to create fake views, subscribers etc. Automation tools..

    2. Sexy videos considered inappropriate by Youtube or getting flagged by moralist wimps.

    3. Popular music videos with ringtone offers and the like.. due to copyright infringement.

    4. Videos which get flagged by jealous competitors.

    What else involves a high risk of getting stuff deleted and our efforts ruined?

    Let's say you upload only some videos per account (let's say 20-50) with music that's not extremely popular.. nothing by WMG and the like. Not the latest song by Kanye West etc. Music videos that will get a lot of views (not millions in a matter of days, but thousands of views over a more or less longer period of time) without being deleted or without the audio track being removed due to copyright issues.

    Would this be a reason to get an account or all of those accounts deleted sooner or later? Of course, they would be deleted if the artists would start uploading official music videos.. but I'm talking about tracks like those that have been on Youtube for a year already or even longer. Not so risky stuff, in my opinion.

    I'm thinking about methods for Youtube exploitation for many months and possibly years to come. Of course, everything can change at any given point in time. But how can you stay under the radar? Basically, how can you steal other people's stuff and make cash with it as long as possible?

    I know how to monetize these videos.. but my main concern is that I don't want to lose all of my accounts on the same day..

    What would you do in order to make some money constantly over a longer period of time rather than making a lot of cash fast and dropping from hero to zero overnight?
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