Really Happy with my first website's progress


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Mar 6, 2014
I published my first ever site 4 days ago, i published it with no content but have been adding at least a 1,000 word article every day. I am working towards an authority site.. as i don't have an address just yet (moving to new house tommorow) i can't use adsense yet so am using chitika.. But yesterday according to chitika my page got 124 impressions.. at the moment 2 of my articles that are 2 days old are on page 2 for their keywords.. I think this is extremely good for my 4th day statistics and i have done no SEO yet apart from using the All In One Seo Plugin!!

After months of lurking BHW , reading money making section and taking no action what so ever I finally decided to take action, And I am so happy I did!

Anyway, i know none of you actually care! but this is the only IM forum I've ever been apart of.. Thanks everyone for the info. Hope to start giving back to the forum, all in good time though..
good stuff, the day people actually start taking action is the day they put themselves on the path to success, keep going !
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