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    I have a really stupid question. When someone says "setup a landing page for the offer" does that mean you make a whole page talking about the offer and all that...or does it mean setup a page that refreshes or links to the affil. offer?

    Say you were to setup landing pages for 10 offers....does that mean literally make a page for each offer talking about and hyping it or simply making a blank page that redirects to the offer page so your links are shorter and not your affil link.

    i know, dumb question
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    Not a dumb question.

    In my experience, when someone is referring to a ?landing? page they are talking about a page with actual information hyping the product.

    A ?squeeze? page would be designed to extract a persons e-mail address to build your list. This page may or may not hype the product as well. Once they enter their-mail address they can be re-directed to the seller?s sales page.

    A ?redirect? page would be set up to immediately forward them to the seller?s sales page.
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    yes its a page about the product with your link that goes to the actual product page