Really bonding with your audience

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    Bas van den Beld

    Session Title:
    Really bonding with your audience

    Session Description:
    Marketers these days are desperately trying to catch the eye of their audiences, their potential customers. Yet most of the time they shoot and miss because they fail to hit the right buttons.

    In a presentations filled with stories and actionable takeaways, Bas will talk about how to get a full understanding of your audience and turn that into the right content at the right time for the right audience.

    Who is Bas?
    Bas van den Beld is a well known and award winning Online Marketing Strategist, consultant trainer and keynote speaker and founder of State of Digital, a platform that helps people companies understand Digital Marketing better. He is also responsible for Digital PR and Marketing at Linkdex and works on Momentology.

    Bas is widely considered to be an expert and influential on Digital Marketing, Social Marketing and Search Marketing and was voted European Search Personality of the Year in 2015. As a trainer he is connected to business schools and colleges in The Netherlands. As a speaker and publicist Bas has won several awards. He speaks all over the world, from Iceland to New York, London, Kiev, Turkey and Iran.

    Bas consults with several types of companies on implementation of strategic Internet Marketing and provides training in Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and Social Marketing and Influence Marketing related topics. Bas also consults for agencies and brands like KLM helping them determine the right online business strategy and connecting them to the right influential people.

    More about Bas here.
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