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    The application must refer to a contest in which users become fans and once you have completed the membership form, can participate in voting for the best campsite of my zone, selecting among the options in the list will be provided.

    The application must have these characteristics:

    ? Contain a form filled out by users to do
    ? Participation in the competition (by vote) can only be done after becoming fans of the page!
    ? The information entered by users (name, surname, email) who register to be automatically saved in a database
    ? The vote by which you are participating in the competition must be through the choice between different options in a list (not changeable by the user)
    ? Ability to see the standings in real time of the vote, with votes, the name and logo of campsites voted more
    ? Users can only vote once, so there must be a lock on those who have already voted, which is activated by the control at the time the mail.
    ? The interface for voting must be in 2 languages​​: Italian (that we can traduce) and English

    We do not need hosting for your application (and annual maintenance).

    Let me know if you can provide a cost estimate and time required to create the application with the features listed.

    Contact me via Skype: mirktop or reply here!