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Realistic earnings from PPD/Amazon?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by alexistheboss15, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. alexistheboss15

    alexistheboss15 Regular Member

    Apr 20, 2013
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    Hey guys, I am very good at making videos, I found a niche in PPD which I will not get banned from. Not hacking etc, something safe.

    I am uploading around 1000+ Videos, they should attract around 20k-30k views daily over time, if not I have to push more videos. Videos are super fast to make, and I can make hundreds a week if I want to.

    I am aiming to get by summer: 2000 Videos HD PPD onto my channel and aiming for 20k-30k views daily

    I am doing Amazon Affiliate, I can make videos really well, alone, with HD voice overs etc and I am trustworthy.

    I am planning on getting around 1000-1500 Videos of Amazon product reviews up.

    I will link every video (so around 3000-3500 videos) back to my website in the description etc to get more backlinks.

    I need some tips:
    1. How do I make my site rank higher on my own? Are videos going to help? I get 2.5k unique traffic a month without trying, I think I can boost that to around 50k/month unique IPs.
    Do I need to make blogs linking back to my site etc?

    I am planning to have 50,000 Words of content onto the site by summer, thats 100 articles.

    2. How do I earn the most out of PPD/Amazon? I am linking PPD back to my site, which links to cleanfiles.
    I am linking amazon products in the video descriptions with no link hider.

    3. What are realistic earnings with that amount of videos? I am trying to make over 2000$/month!

    I lost my Youtube views script, but I am going to get an AMF bot and hopefully be able to supply around 300 likes and 300 favorites to videos overall daily.

    I will be making gaming videos for my gaming channel too, around 1 per day though, so I will have around 150 extra by summer!

    Any tips on making more money? Ranking videos or ranking my site higher?