Are your rankings stalling? Or even worse, your sites tanked in recent algo updates? Or even EVEN worse, your client's sites aren't moving?

Or just maybe you want to push a new website as high as it can go?

Is your website or your client's not moving at all in google? are the rankings swinging because you don't have enough power and authority to establish and solidify your website?

Have you done everything there is to do in terms of on-page and yet you can't compete with high link power websites taking up the whole front page?

All of the on-page resources you put into it with amazing content will never get seen if you don't start getting some organic visitors by sending amazing backlinks to your website.

But that's no more...

You'll have all the link juice power at your finger tips

We've compiled a HUGE inventory of websites to place your backlinks on, websites that are RELATED to your niche, websites that have given our clients amazing results in record time, at a fraction of the cost of regular guest posting and building your own PBNs (don't even get me started on how vulnerable a website is if you power it with just PBNs).

All the authority, relevance and trust your website needs will be at your disposal

We'll give you the latter 2 in this equation with amazing relevant links as well as powerful and AGED posts pointing to your website.

You don't need a single amazing link, you need dozens of even hundreds of laser targeted, aged and unique links instead, and we happen to have spent years of work building relationships to get you these amazing links.

Think about it, it isn't normal for a big publication company to talk about your hvac local site in a town in Arkansas and google knows this!

It MAKES sense for a dozen home improvement websites to talk about your hvac site. You don't need to believe this, we have all the results down below!These links are what's commonly known as niche edits, but that's a new word that has been around for just a couple years, we've had success with these links for a long time, and it's proven time and time again to be the one of the easiest and one of the most cost effective solutions to rank your websites FAST.

The value of this is unmeasurable as you can imagine

If you look around you'll find sellers selling these for $40 on the very low end, and some for crazy amounts...

For a limited time we're offering these at crazy low prices, you can't possibly miss it and miss the chance to harness the power of hundreds of links from real websites pointing to yours for 1/4th of the normal price.

I can't tell you for how long we'll keep this offer so act fast!

100% Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked!

If you don't like a link for whatever reason we can either replace it for you right away or give you a full refund, whichever you prefer!

You probably have a lot of questions, so... here are the answers:

Why do you need real authority links?

• To rank higher in the search engines, google specifically, you will need links pointing to your sites, that's a given. And those links must have real authority in google's eyes, you won't get that with expired domains or web 2.0s, even if the content is amazing and their backlink profile is outstanding.

• Getting content backlinks from real sites that have never expired or gone through crazy re-designs is the ONLY way to tell Google that your site carries proper authority and that it should push you UP

• It's not uncommon to see movements in the serps after 5-7 days with these links; compared to PBNs that you might end up waiting weeks or even months to see some movement from what you did. Which is also why it makes more sense to get real links, you will see results much faster.

What are the metrics for the Sites?

  • Referring domains: From 20 all the way to 2000 (majestic fresh index)
  • Trust Flow: From 5 all the way to 40+

  • They're amazing! That's what they are... If you don't see the value of a link in an AGED real website with relevant content then... what are you doing?

How does this work? What do you actually get?

• You will get a powerful link within the content of an aged post/page from a real website. It is not a homepage link, these aren't filthy pbns.

• You will need to provide me with the anchor text and the URL that you want linked, we will place the links wherever it makes the most sense within a relevant article in said website. You can also provide a small sentence (10 words max) to wrap your anchor text in, so that it reads perfectly in every single link placement.

• After ordering you will receive a report with the links and a bonus re-index submission to speed up the ranking crawl process.

• We will place the link in a niche-relevant post/property.

• If for some reason you want a replacement or your link expires, we will replace it at no cost.

• Content in these sites is manually written, it's non-seo and done by the actual editors and owners of the websites. (this means you can't submit your articles, look elsewhere for that)

Prices & Packages:
Pro Package - 10 Links at $14 per link for a total of $139
Elite Package - 20 Links at $13 per link for a total of $259


  • - The links are long lasting.
  • - Foreign keywords and websites accepted.
  • - I CAN show you samples.
  • - TAT is 6 business days for 10 packs and 8 business days for 20 packs.
  • - Refund policy if the link is removed available, we can also replace it right away. (if your link is gone, which rarely ever happens, just message us and we'll refund you or replace it right away).
  • - We DO accept Pharma/Gambling/Adult, etc we have a separate inventory for that

Previous Results (on clean sites, flawless SEO) :




Prices & Packages:
Pro Package - 10 Links at $14 per link for a total of $139
Elite Package - 20 Links at $13 per link for a total of $259

For higher metrics or bulk orders message me!SkypeID: [email protected]
could you please send me some samples
Can you send some samples related to snus/vape?
samples delivered
Hi, just order 20 link, please check my order, thankyou
samples sent!
Hi. If you allow a review copy, please send me samples.
hey, I get this message when trying to send you the samples: This member limits who may view their full profile.
could you please send me some samples
interested in samples
Do you have gaming (Xbox, PlayStation) niche sites? Please can you send a sample?
We do! sent some general sampels including some tech and gambling as well (pretty similar to the gaming ones)
please pm samples
just pm'd you the samples
Cn you send me samples? for home decor niche
sent! - home improvement as well as some general ones in case you're wondering
Sample report
sent the report!
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