Recieved Review Copy
Got ******** links and Nice Websites.

Seller was polite and nice to work with!
All sites were niche relevant
I received a Real Website Link as a review for the service, here are the details:
  • Good DA & DR sites from old site, with low spam score
  • The link was well placed within the article, which is relevance & engaging
  • The article is well written, with a picture
  • Fast TAT
  • Responsible Ops & good follow up
  • The best part - over 1.5k audience!
I have received 3 links as the review copy from seller I have to say I'm shocked. Websites where my links were placed are relevant, aged, domain's metrics are high and all of those have traffic so people actually read this content! Link is very well placed as it reads naturally.

Main points of bulding backlinks:
#1 Relevancy!
#2 Authority
#3 Traffic
This service has it all + those articles are aged. Its rare and I'm pretty sure it has much better impact on your money url.

DA - 53
DR - 28
Domain age - 13yr

DA - 20
DR - 27
Domain age - 4yr

DA - 26
DR - 13
Domain age - 5yr

One of those links was pretty much enough to rank my one URL from nowhere to #1 and #2 for two main keywords. It is low difficulty keyword but well... just one link did this... and it was like INSTANT.

I don't track other 2 links in keyword tracker so I don't know how exactly other two impacted my money URLs however I'm going to place an order for at least 10 more links and I will share results after delivery.

It's a one-of-a-kind service that is well worth the cost!
send some samples
Samples for foreign language + review copy if available please
sent and info sent as well to your inbox
samples please ...any review copies available?
sent, yes we got a few more available!
Can this revive a website that got hit in the last update?
we've only had a few clients try to do this to some degree of success but it's too soon to tell if these links will 100% revive it after the very last update
Please send me samples.
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