Can I order a package and use multiple urls?

Say I order a large package and want to split to 5 urls to get my social shares, will this work?

Thank you very much for approving the service Mr Apricot!

​I am providing 5 Trial Packages as review packages!
Reviewers must be Jr. VIP.
Request one now!
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Sounds good :) I will take a review copy please :)


Review information sent. :)

In for a Trial Package. Thanks.

Review details sent.

hhmm seems nice. any review copy would be nice

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately the review packages are only available to Jr. VIP's as stated above.

In for the Review Copy.
Good luck with sales


Review information sent.

I'll take a review copy if I qualify, thanks.

Review information sent.

Great kind of service. Can you provide country based social signals ? Thanks

I apologize but you did not meet the requirements. I sent you a 20% discount coupon if you are interested in trying the service.

Coupon code please.

Sent. Thank you.

I'd like a coupon code, thanks. Also, are these actually *real* or is that just the name of your BST?

Coupon sent. The signals are indeed real.

How does this work? With twitter what text is used in the share? Is anything needed on the site? How active are the accounts that will share?

As with natural social signals generated from popular social share plugins, the metal title + url will be promoted.
Including the keyword you are targeting in your meta title is all you need to do. From our experience almost every site has these as they should be, but we may contact you requesting the adjustment if your title is <title>home</title>
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