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I received a guest post link as review copy.
  • The site has a DA50, DR77, 43k traffic, and 16k RDs in a niche that is extremely relevant to mine.
  • The content is actually quite good. The post has already been indexed.
  • Unlike most other sites that sell links, this is a real blog site.

I am pleased with the quality of the backlink provided by OP.

It's an excellent service indeed
@eXonyte Thank you for giving me a Free Review Copy. Here is my unbiased feedback -

What I Got?

I was given a free guest post link from a wonderful site with awesome stats (DA 59 and PA 48). I am very much satisfied with the link that was given to me.

- The link is a D0follow.
- The guest post is well written and its about the very topic that I had provided.
- The link has an anchor text of the keyword that I had provided.
- The site where the guest post was published has wonderful stats. See the screenshots below -





I was overall satisfied with the prompt communication and quality of the guest post. However when I checked the price of the link I felt it is a bit high for an average customer. I asked this question to the seller. He clarified that the sites he chose are always genuine and they put lot of efforts to identify such sites that has genuine metrics. Getting a d0follow link from such a site not only benefits the SEO efforts but also brings relevant traffic back to your site.

I will call his services as a premium for this reason.

Overall this is a MUST BUY service that serious business people should go for.

I wish the seller all the best for his BST and hope he will do great sales!

Mind Blowing. This is probably the strongest link I've ever managed to get in terms of traffic and backlinks.

Let's start with stats

And now, let's look at the traffic stats:

* The link is d0follow so a lot of link juice here.
* The article is well written and structured and over 700 words. Needless to say the article is unique.
* The article has a relevant image.
* There are a few other natural outbound links but they are NOT towards my competitors so it's very good.
* Please note this site is a real website in my niche (the article is indexed already).

Final thoughts:
I've been trying to buy a link from this website for years but couldn't find a decent seller.
This is one VERY juicy link from a relevant website with a lot of traffic coming from a relevant and well-written article.
So if you're looking for the links of the highest quality then this service is for you.
High quality service.
sample please

Samples and Discount sent.

Every single review we’ve got have all had the same pattern “THIS IS THE BEST LINK I’VE EVER GOT”. You are missing out big time if you’re still sitting on the fence!
I received a free review copy of OP's Outreach Guest post.

The communication was good and to the point.

The link impressed me. The quality of the article is great and relevant to my niche.

These are the stats of the website:

  • DA53
  • DR66
  • 51k traffic
  • 16k RDs

I'm satisfied with this Outreach Guest post and can recommend @eXonyte 's service.
My Review

I was fortunate to receive a free review copy for Outreach Guest post.

Here are the stats of the website:

DA 43
DR 60
9k traffic
3k RD

The site niche is close to my niche, and the site looks great and very professional. The article is exactly related to my niche. It seems humanly written, in very good English, and the anchor was placed appropriately.

I'm very satisfied with this Outreach Guest post and can recommend this service.

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Great business, exactly as advertised.

I was able to get a high DA guest post and it was closely related to my niche.

Article was well written and sounded very genuine.

Definitely will do business again!
Great business, exactly as advertised.

I was able to get a high DA guest post and it was closely related to my niche.

Article was well written and sounded very genuine.

Definitely will do business again!

We’ve only had 3 orders thus far, so I’m guessing you’re one of them. Thanks for the review,

I had the opportunity to try out @eXonyte's guest post service, which exceeded my expectations. OP gave me a backlink from an authority site in the finance niche, which was unexpected and incredibly valuable. The domain had impressive metrics (DA - 82, DR - 75, Traffic - 200K, according to Semrush), including backlinks from reputable sources such as Wikipedia.


The content used in the post was of high quality and included a relevant image. One other outbound link to an authority site was included, which added to the post's legitimacy. It was clear that the post was not created solely for the purpose of creating a backlink, which is a refreshing change from some other services.

The TAT was minimal, considering the high quality of the backlink I received. I was notified via email when the post was ready, and the site metrics (DA, DR, and Traffic) were included, which was helpful.

Overall, I highly recommend this guest post service for anyone looking for a high-quality backlink from an authority site in their niche. The service exceeded my expectations in every way and is well worth the investment.
ANOTHER UNREAL REVIEW… we ain’t messing around here!

Samples, details etc sent to those that asked.
Bump! Sorry been locked out of our account as I lost my phone with the 2fa app on it. All PMs have just been replied to.

We still have the opening offer running and with the countless amazing reviews here you’d be silly not to try us out!
Bump! Stop buying junk, your site deserves quality links. Just take a look at our reviews and you’ll see what quality looks like!
New week, new bump. Still a few slots left for the opening discount!
Still some opening discounts left! Serious reviews left in this thread, the quality here is unmatched.

We will be introducing bulk packages and starting advertising here within the next 2 weeks. Keep an eye on the thread for the details!
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