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    Hello everyone,
    Just thought of sharing my story here with everyone. Hoping that it will inspire some of you to make better decisions in your life.

    I have been doing online stuff since last 3-4 years. I never had a full time job and even if I am offered one today, I will reject it. Internet is full of possibilities and once you get the hang of how this thing works, sky is the limit.

    I can say all this because I have experienced everything personally.

    Though, I started on a bad note, as I will say.

    On and Off, I was into flipping websites. Long before Flippa came into place. I had a partner in crime, we created websites and sold those with fake proofs. So, if a website was making $20 a month, we would make it look like its making $100 a month and would sell it.

    Easy money as they say.

    Lesson number 1:- Easy money through fake proofs is bad. Though I did sell quite a few sites with fake proofs, but satisfaction and peace of mind was never there. There was this happiness missing all the time. AND there was no guarantee of future income. Personally, it gave me sleepless nights because deep inside I knew what I was doing was wrong.

    Few months back, I finally took the courage and said Good Bye to my partner. We parted ways and I started to look out for genuine stuff. And I am glad that I did that.

    Today, I make more money than him and I have peace of mind as well. Add the fact, that when you go the right way, you earn long term friends and clients, so your business's life increases automatically. Believe it or not, you can make a lot of money doing things the right way. Faking proofs gave us a sale here and sale there, but genuine stuff is giving me more rewards today.

    Lesson number 2 - Do it yourself. Dont rely on others. When I said goodbye to my partner, I had almost no money to invest in SEO, PPC etc.

    a) I then contacted a well known member here, requesting him to give me some money (because he is too keen to give money to others, according to his posts), but never got any reply.
    b) Then I also contacted another guy to help me in FaceBook marketing. He talked to me on skype, asked me about what I was doing. I told him about my site flipping and how I was doing it. I told him everything but when it was his turn to help me, he stopped replying to my messages.

    So, lesson I learnt here is, dont rely on others. Do it yourself. Take action. If you fail, thats great, cos thats the first step to success. Your failures are your assets. Dont share your failures with others (once you know what doesnt work, you will then find out soon what works).

    Lesson number 3 - Give something back. This will give you maximum satisfaction. Money cant buy you happiness, trust me. Helping others does bring happiness. I know I did cheat some people by faking proofs and selling those sites, but now I am here to give back.

    Overtime, you will see me sharing some genuine stuff which works. It would be a pleasure to help those who are just starting out. I did cheat earlier, but I will try to make up for that by helping people make their first money online.

    Finally Today, I am not ashamed of myself. I love what I do. I am happy. I feel content and life's great. I know I once went the wrong route. But I have changed now and I am happy I took this decision.

    I know its easy to fall for the wrong route, because its enticing. Generally people are lazy and dont want to work hard. But if you want to feel content and happy within, try working hard. Even if its for few days, give your everything and I am sure you will love the rewards. There is really no shortcut to "real success". Keep this in mind. Those guys you see today, who work few minutes a day, they all have gone through this "hard work" phase and today they are enjoying the rewards.

    P.S - I was doing FB PPC lately with great success, but I have now moved out of it and I am now more into free viral stuff. Keep an eye for my upcoming threads, I will share some of my high CTR images and other FB tricks. (when I say high CTR, that means in the range of 0.4 or better)

    Thanks for reading and if you have anything to add (any lessons you learnt), feel free to add. And feel free to hate me!

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    Good one...
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