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Must say I'm highly impressed with the service. Purchased the 'DA upto 35' plan however received 2 do-follow links from a DA 45 website. Article was well written and relevant to my link. Will purchase again in the near future, hopefully the quality is just as good. Many thanks.

Bought 1 guest post as a test an OP over delivered on both TAT, DA and word count.. the site is also a real site with very good traffic :) Will buy more.

OP has delievered!
Our goal was 35 DA, he provided 45 DA. 1000 word article and 3 day TAT.

Seems like an extremely high quality service. Placing more orders now.

Another DA35 post delivered in just a few days :) OP is smashing them out. Will have more orders next week

Very happy with this - I received a post on a pretty decent site - its definitely a real site, lots going on, decent stats.
The article was 1000 words in length. The site was niche related and lots of other similar content to mine on the site which is very important to me.

Stats as follows - DA30, PA41, RD106.
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Received order from OP. Service delivered as described and on a good site with proper metrics with alexa rank below 700k.
Would recommend this service.

Second order: 6 DA 30+ posts
OP delivered yet again (TAT was 2 business days!) One of them has 56 DA and they are all high quality, well though-out posts. We're looking forward to a long relationship with liveforseo.

You won't be disappointed.
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Review: Good service . 3 high DA health sites were sought and Links placed naturally within the content. Recommended

Ordered the $100 package and it was delivered within a few days. I asked to have my link moved from the bottom to the top of the article and the seller was able to accommodate me quickly. I will be buying again. Thanks!

Review - this is a good service, well worth the money. Communication is good, delivered results are as promised and the sites on which guest posts are posted all seem legit.

I would recommend this service.

Received my link on DA 39 domain whereas I had ordered upto DA 35.
Asked OP for some edit and they were very helpful.
Will be ordering more. Cheers!

Received my report from these guys for my last order. Great work once again and competitive pricing. Will be ordering again soon.

Received my two orders of up to DA 35. Received links from a DA 31 and DA 40. Always on time and good content - Thanks again!

Bought 2 'Up to 35 DA' packages and received guest posts on a 31 and 32 DA site. Pretty good.
Purchased 2 more.

Ordered 2 x 35 DA and received 2 x 40 DA links. Very happy with my order, always great service.
Had to make another 2 orders.

Purchased 2 x up to 35 DA links, received my guest posts on a DA 38 and DA 35. Great service as always.

Just received my report, thanks op.

I have to say that I am very impressed with this service. The delivery is fast, the content is very well written - its lengthy, its well researched, it has multiple images and links to multiple authority sites.

As for the sites that are being posted to, again very relevant sites and seem to be decent active sites with great metrics. The metrics themselves are good - it seems like these guys try to over-deliver when it comes to promised metrics.

Great work guys.
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Seller has provided more than expected results! I paid for something less than what he has delivered! Thanks, OP, keep it up. Ordering more right now.

Another order completed, another order placed.

Always happy with your services, purchased another few links.

Just received my order, the quality was incredible and article very good. The seller over delivered with 2 1000 word articles and the DA was higher than what I ordered I placed 2 orders one for a DA20 and received DA40 the other DA35 and received DA42 with 2 outbound links as well as another to different sites, lots of images looks natural and professionally done. Turnaround rime took less than a week. This is a good product.

Thank you
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Recently received few more links from this service.

Stats as follows -

link1 - semrush organic traffic - 99, tf11, cf26, ahrefs backlinks 1100, organic keywords 2400, dr14, DA15.
link2 - semrush organic traffic - 1, tf9, cf24, ahrefs backlinks 3000, organic keywords 1300, dr5, DA35.
link3 - semrush organic traffic - 1100, tf32, cf39, ahrefs backlinks 21,000, organic keywords 28,000, dr66, DA35.

The sites are a mixture of closely related to my niche along with broader news sites covering a range of topics, but all of the sites look like real and active sites to me.

The content quality is pretty decent - it bit above the normal chit-chat style that you often get with these services in as much as the content is very well structured and also sprinkled with quite a few links to authority sites within my broader niche.

This is a few days after the order and the links are featured on the homepage of the first two sites and on the third site the article is one hop away from the homepage.

I like this service and the range of stats in the sites provided makes me think these really are genuine sites that OP is reaching out to.

Only issue I had was that DA doesnt quite match up to what OP reported to me, but aside from that very happy.

Very happy with this service.
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I received my order of 2 links from OP.

Articles look good, and they are editorial links on very legitimate news websites.
One link was also twice the DA as advertised.
Both articles 1,000+ words

Thank you for answering my questions as well.

Good service.
Will place more orders in the future when I have money again.
Thanks OP.
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Love this service. I've ordered from it a few times now, and the delivery time and DA are always better than what the sales page says. If things stay the same it's going to be one of my go to services for guest posts for a long time.

Always happy with this service, purchased a few more links!


I must say I'm highly impressed with the service. Purchased the 'DA upto 20' plan however received 1 do-follow links from a DA 32 website - Thanks @liveforseo. As for the article, it was well written, high quality and relevant to my link. Bookmarking this thread for more future purchase. Many thanks.

Highly recommended service.
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Had another great order from OP.
Great websites, good work.
Seller over-delivered on metrics again as well.
Highly recommend this service.

Nice link placements. I read a few of the articles and there is a few grammar errors here and there. Had to throw it into google translate to make sure I wasn't crazy. Overall nice service and I would 100% purchase again. Keep in mind when reading my review I have an extremely bizarre niche and they did a better job than anyone I've seen on this topic.

Good service. Just placed my 3rd order

Great Work from @liveforseo , the communication was good , i ordered the $40 plan for DA Up to 20 , i received one do-follow link from a DA 35 with an article of 1500+ words relevant to my website. Will definitely purchase again !

A great service! One of the finest. Ordered a guest post for DA 20+ site. Got a DA 40+ do follow link. Site is aged, 100% real with decent traffic.

Another great order.
Legit sites that have been around for years, with over-delivered metrics.
Thanks again OP.

Ordered from liveforseo earlier this year. I received what I believe to be one of the best backlinks I've seen since I started in 2012. Really good service.

PM sent as I'm now looking to get a bulk discount

Received a link on a DA43 website after purchasing a DA35 Link.
Great service as usual, thanks again.


Order Was below DA50
1000+ words
2 d0-follow links.

Realy cool tip top guy. quick to respond to my questions and also quick to deliver. what can I say more? Thanks for the service
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This my review

WoW Just amazing 10\10, Of course, I would recommend it and yes I will order again

MY Order was DA35 put he give me DA43 with 1800 words and 2 Do-follow links, The site rank on Alexa Global rank 448,960.

Something I did not like very much.

The site has all its visitors from India and Italy and Pakistan and this does not think it will benefit me in visitors.

MY POST ON HOME PAGE :D that is really nice

I will order more soon

thank you and good luck

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Order was placed on 31/07 and received the report on 05/08, excellent TAT.
Despite the order being for a DA35 link, I received a DA52 link and the article was 1000+ words. The article was easy to read and informative.
Fantastic service.
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Had another good experience with @liveforseo
I really like the recent link he got me.

Received latest two orders from this service.

Seller provided two very well written posts on two fully legit sites.
Not only do they have fantastic metrics but also both sites have a decent amount of organic traffic as well - 3.8k and 7.9k organic search traffic respectively.

Very impressed with this service.
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My first order of this service - done.

Order was for 2x60$ links, with few 'if possible' request from me.

Order was on 01.02.2019. first link was delivered on 08.02.2019, second today 10.02.2019. Both articles were well written, and the sites were as promised - additionally, their age are 4+ and 9+ years, number of pages 1400+ and 4500+, Alexa ranking (which can be manipulated of course, but nonetheless, I check that too) <250k and <650k (US <110k and <350k) etc.

None of the links have 'd o f o l l o w ' nor 'n o f o l l o w' set.

All in all, a pair of nice links for 60$ each.
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Another DA50+ link ordered, **************145M.

One of my favourite things about this service is that liveforseo follows my instructions to the letter. Sounds simple, but it's amazing how many vendors fail to do this.

Looking forward to another quality link!
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Link received. OP over delivered as usual.
Well written relevant article.
Decent site with great metrics as well as a good amount of organic traffic.
Nice work.

Received two more orders. As always VERY IMPRESSED with this service. I like the way it works, communication is super easy, seller always over delivers and the metrics + traffic stats are always tip-top.

another order 2xposts (DA 50)
The first one was really good. I'm impressed by the metrics

Had another good order with @liveforseo
I recommend this guy.
Thank a lot. Always a pleasure.

Third order of this service done, order was on 28.03.2019. for two 60$ links. Report received this morning, 08.04.2019.

For short, OP delivered what was promised, both links are 'Do Follow', on different positions in the articles. Articles are OK, informative to the actual visitors.

Recommended :)
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Order received and another order placed, thanks.

Received another guest post and I am quite happy with it.
Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate the effort.

Also, after purchasing, I was surprised to see I actually received a guest post request from them on another website I own in a similar niche, so this makes me feel confident they're doing some real outreach. That's good to see.

Will do more business soon.
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I ordered the DA 50+ package. Turnaround was very quick, just over one week.

Received my post on a very well known guest posting site, I had previously paid $15 for a post on this site, so to pay $100 I was a bit disappointed, but it did match the metrics, as below:

DA: 53
TF: 19
Similarweb traffic: 170K

The content was readable, but definitely not written by a native speaker.
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My 4th order of this service done (2x links for inner pages) - order was on 10.05.2019. I just received a report.

Sites are fine, articles bring value to the visitors, links placed naturally - all in all, looks good.

Recommended :)
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Order finished - order was on 20.07.2019. report received today 29.07.2019.

Order was for two 60$ links (DA up to 35) - sites have DA>35, but also (checked with Long Tail Pro) TF=21, CF=36 and TF=13, CF=36, which is IMHO good.

Articles were well written, with few little mistakes here and there (at least they sounded to me that way, but I am not native English speaker). All in all, nice job once again.

Another order placed right away, transaction ID#####96401 - again two 60$ links, slow and steady...
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Another order done. Order was on 29.07.2019. report received today, 11.08.2019.

order was for two 60$ backlinks (DA up to 35) from genuine blogs/sites, TAT 8 business days, 700+ words.

Once again order was done properly, even 'overdelivered'.

First Site: Alexa ranking <800k, according to the Google ~1k5 pages, according to the LTP (Long Tail Pro) check TF=12, CF=25, ~200 RDs. According to the MOZ DA=39, DA=35, ~1k linking domains.

Second Site: Alexa ranking <150k (US<100k), according to the Google ~8k pages, according to the LTP TF=16, CF=38, ~1200 RDs. According to the MOZ PA=42, DA=38, ~2k7 linking domains.

Articles are nice - well written, informative, 1000+ words, bring value to the site and useful for the visitor.

My backlinks are 'plain' - there are no 'd o f o l l o w' nor 'n o f o l l o w' - IMHO, it is even better than having 'd o f o l l o w' (correct me if I am wrong, please).

Just one note: there are several outgoing links on both articles, but mine are first and they all look natural, at least to me. Other sites are larger sites of related/similar niches, which is good (hub effect), although these sites can be considered as my competitors - or I would like to think so :)

All in all, sixth order from OP done. Recommended especially for money sites. Will order again.

P.S. I never cared about TAT as long as the order is properly done ;)
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Another order done (7th of this service), 60$ backlink, ordered on 20.08.2019. report received today.

Site metrics:
- Alexa 1M+ but not by much,
- Googe says ~800 pages,
- MOZ: DA=36, PA=32, 1k4 linking domains,
- LTP: 622 referring domains, TF=11, CF=31,
- wayback machine check: last snapshot of the site with this logo and theme at the beginning of the 2016, older snapshots either not working or the domain was parked.

Link is at the beginning of the article and the only external link within the article - maybe I missed something, but it is fine with me :)

Recommended even for the money sites, will order again.
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Ask for a sample for your niche.

Skype - realbloggeroutreach
Email ID - [email protected]

Order Form – Click Here
interested in review copy of my new niche... please pm

also interested in long term partnership
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