Any update on this order?


Transaction ID: 5DY48778JS062271U
Hello All,

Some more niche-related blogs have been added to our inventory. Ask for a sample for your niche and Bulk discount.

Few Latest Reviews

Order done: order was for three links on 19.11.2021. report received today, 15.12.2021. - I asked OP to drip-feed the links.

Sites are genuine sites, articles are well written, bring value to the visitor.

Recommended service, just a note that link building is a marathon, not sprint ;)

Another order right away, 5 links, transaction ID####1984F

Another order done - order was for 7 links, on January 20, 2022. (I insisted on drip-feeding the links) and was done yesterday. Links and sites are OK - articles offer valuable information to the visitors and my links are all over the place (not just at the beginning, for example), which is good in order to avoid any footprints.

another order (2 links) right away - order ID####3111.

Details in the PM.

3 more links were purchased. Still waiting on my other 3.

The other 2 I received however were super nice websites... I noticed most services give you random blogs that are not even closely related to your site in the least but the links I got were very niche relevant and I was super surprised.

Great guy and solid websites with a quick TOT. Will be ordering again.
Hello All,

Found a few more niche-related real bloggers for the guest posts. Ask for a sample for your niche and Bulk discount.

I have done more than 5-6 orders with liveforseo, and not even once did it disappoint me, but on the contrary, it exceeded my expectations every time.

Most sites in their portfolio are real, with organic traffic. The content provided is much better than your typical guest post-style article. Link placement is as natural and smooth as possible.

It's one of the best outreach services on BHW, probably the only one I'd recommend to someone (as others are mostly trash). Also, this is the only service I have used more than one time on this forum (that must tell something, right?)
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