Real Blogger Outreach Service/Guest Post Service – Starts at $40 per post


Feb 15, 2016
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Thank you for your reviews. Last few weeks we added 3k more blogs in our inventory. All blogs are real and have search traffic. Our aim to provide real blog links at a very affordable price.

I just received my order.

OP allowed me to choose the website before make the article live. Website was amazing it was having DA 32 and was getting decent amount of traffic as per SemRush.

After placing the order, got my order completed within less than a week.

I also appreciate that liveforseo has been reliable and easy to communicate with. I'll definitely be back.
Good service. I didn't like his first list. And he came back with the second list that's much better. The image below is the website I chose for the guest post. The Guest Post was immediately indexed and is ranking for its title on page 2. I will definitely continue to use his service in the future.

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You know what? I almost forgot that I forgot to leave a review. My apologies, especially seeing to it that I've now ordered from you, twice.
So here's the honest review of using this service (this review is only about my first purchase, as I need to get to work on something).
To begin, I believe this screenshot will say more than I ever could:

So umm... Yeah.
That is the website my link is on.

The actual page it's on, looks more like this:

This is completely fine, in my book!
It's definitely something I can work with. Absolutely!

My second order was great, as well.

How great, you ask?
Well, to put it plainly...

My 3rd order has just been placed.
OP allowed me to choose the website before he made the article live and I never asked, I was just after the link. Website is very good it has a DA 77 according to Moz. and gets good traffic as per SemRush (9k). Highly recommended guest posting service.
Another order done - order was on 21.07.2020. four backlinks, $240.

The first two were received on 14.08.2020. second two today, 17.08.2020.

Although links toward my sites were not the only links from within the articles, they were placed naturally. Sites are legit, articles provide value to the visitors - all in all, a very nice service for 60$ each link.

Before I proceed with my review, which would be much like my previous review, let me do something a bit different to illustrate a bit of why I placed orders with this seller to begin with.

Honestly, there were multiple people responsible for motivating me to order from this service, but as you'll see, there's a clear winner among the bunch:

So by now, I've placed a few orders and with every single purchase, I'm always left completely satisfied. In this industry, that's a very difficult thing for a seller to do.
I've had these types of extremely positive recurring experiences on a few different occasions and from a few different BHW sellers. When it happens, it feels good.
Honestly, that's all I can say. It just feels good to order from someone who I know will deliver.

I won't go into too much detail about my most recent order, but like every other time, the service has been exceptional.
Let's just say:
- The metrics were better than advertised.
- The anchor flowed beautifully within the context of a very much related piece of content.
- Everything looks quite natural.
- I'm the only external link in the article content.

Ah, screw it... I like screenshots. Here ya go:

@liveforseo is my go-to guy for affordable guest posts; always on 100% legit sites, always with metrics as advertised or above and always with traffic.
This set of 6 posts, as per semrush, average traffic 1800+ monthly, with one of the sites at 4.9k traffic.

Always reliable and consistant with what is delivered and very easy to work with.


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May 31, 2019
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Got to say OP really impressed me. I've bought 4 links for him and all of them have decent organic traffic and great DA. They are 100% real websites, the link is placed very well and they also added a brand anchor inside the content to give it more relevance and power. Nothing bad to say about the content itself.

These links have a really good price considering the quality.

Thank you OP, will order more for sure


Jun 25, 2019
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Can I take a look at the sample and latest discount code pls


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Oct 24, 2010
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Please send me some samples, discount if available, and price for quest post with my content and without my content. Thanks.