Hi There,

Our list is getting bigger and we have now 5000+ real blogs in our list. Some of our reviews for this service.


This my review

WoW Just amazing 10\10, Of course, I would recommend it and yes I will order again

MY Order was DA35 put he give me DA43 with 1800 words and 2 Do-follow links, The site rank on Alexa Global rank 448,960.

Something I did not like very much.

The site has all its visitors from India and Italy and Pakistan and this does not think it will benefit me in visitors.

MY POST ON HOME PAGE :D that is really nice

I will order more soon

thank you and good luck

Order was placed on 31/07 and received the report on 05/08, excellent TAT.
Despite the order being for a DA35 link, I received a DA52 link and the article was 1000+ words. The article was easy to read and informative.
Fantastic service.

Another order: ********7619

Very happy with my previous orders and looking forward to another quality link!


Another DA50+ link ordered, **************145M.

One of my favourite things about this service is that liveforseo follows my instructions to the letter. Sounds simple, but it's amazing how many vendors fail to do this.

Looking forward to another quality link!

Received two more orders. As always VERY IMPRESSED with this service. I like the way it works, communication is super easy, seller always over delivers and the metrics + traffic stats are always tip-top.

another order 2xposts (DA 50)
The first one was really good. I'm impressed by the metrics

Received another guest post and I am quite happy with it.
Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate the effort.

Also, after purchasing, I was surprised to see I actually received a guest post request from them on another website I own in a similar niche, so this makes me feel confident they're doing some real outreach. That's good to see.

Will do more business soon.


I ordered the DA 50+ package. Turnaround was very quick, just over one week.

Received my post on a very well known guest posting site, I had previously paid $15 for a post on this site, so to pay $100 I was a bit disappointed, but it did match the metrics, as below:

DA: 53
TF: 19
Similarweb traffic: 170K

The content was readable, but definitely not written by a native speaker.

Order finished - order was on 20.07.2019. report received today 29.07.2019.

Order was for two 60$ links (DA up to 35) - sites have DA>35, but also (checked with Long Tail Pro) TF=21, CF=36 and TF=13, CF=36, which is IMHO good.

Articles were well written, with few little mistakes here and there (at least they sounded to me that way, but I am not native English speaker). All in all, nice job once again.

Another order placed right away, transaction ID#####96401 - again two 60$ links, slow and steady...

Another order done (7th of this service), 60$ backlink, ordered on 20.08.2019. report received today.

Site metrics:
- Alexa 1M+ but not by much,
- Googe says ~800 pages,
- MOZ: DA=36, PA=32, 1k4 linking domains,
- LTP: 622 referring domains, TF=11, CF=31,
- wayback machine check: last snapshot of the site with this logo and theme at the beginning of the 2016, older snapshots either not working or the domain was parked.

Link is at the beginning of the article and the only external link within the article - maybe I missed something, but it is fine with me :)

Recommended even for the money sites, will order again.
Thanks for the Orders.

Another order, 2x 60$, transaction ID###60125G

Order placed 3x@60 outreach blog post link , looking forward to the result

Just ordered 3 posts. Will post review after.

Sample Sent

please share few samples

Please send sample.

samples please

Samples please
Another order done (8th of this service). Order was for 2 links (2x 60$), it was on 20.10.2019. report received today, 28.10.2019.

This is fine guest posting service, articles are posted on genuine sites, 1000+ words, my links are above or around the fold of the articles (due to large first photo at the beginning of the articles, text is slightly being pushed down).

Sites are on average DA40+, Alexa <400k, one site has almost 500 pages, other site slightly over 10k pages. None of these links will make me a fortune of course, but as part of an overall backlink strategy, well done.

Recommended service.

I bought 10 up to 25 DA and 6 up to 35DA and received guest posts from real websites with the following DA:
It was delivered in just about 30 day, so very fast.
The article was well written and in good English as well.
The links are Do-Follow and Indexed.
The seller is very helpful and i got a lot of tips about SEO, Highly recommended, will be back for more.
Seems like google love these links:
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