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    It might be the world?s cheapest tablet. But does Aakash, the government?s much touted cheap computer, give you enough bang for your buck?

    If the Apple iPad be the Goliath of tablets, meet David ? Aakash, the world?s cheapest tablet computer. With hardly any flab beyond that 7-inch screen, it might also be among the smallest. Unlike the original iPad, it accepts pen drives. Something Indian university students, who get these tablets before everyone else, will find useful.

    You could buy one of these for about Rs 3,000 starting this November. Shell out a bit more and you could get a nice leather cover with a keyboard which you can plug in, so you could use this as a mini laptop. You might also get the option of making phone calls, both over the Internet and over cellular networks.

    The student version we got came loaded with applications. Everything from Facebook, to stuff that lets you create and edit documents. There are games, a calendar cum organiser, even advanced lessons in Physics ? though they used up just a quarter of the screen and were hard to read. And we do have a few other gripes.

    For more and specs and feature's here