Review Copy Plz
Been in IM field for years.It would be great if I can post my honest review about your powerful secret ;)

Thanks in advance
There is no way I was getting left out of this! Jumped in with all 4 feet immediately.

PS: 'Review Copy Plz
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ill pass...but thanks.. I've been making too much money to waste here... ;-)
I bought 4 copies of SE3 and gave them to my grandparents who don't even use the internets.

This thing made me so much money, and I'm giving back now. I plan on buying two or three more copies because fuckit I'm swimming in cash.
OMG what the heck is this!?

Review Copy for the death of my father!
sweet holy hell review copy plz. i just love the thought that ut will make cutts loose sleep at night hah
I hope to buy the exclusive publishing rights for this method so that I can sell it on WF...this thread has convinced me that there is still a hugemarket for WSO's...good grief lads!
I have wasted so much time and money trying out different tools and methods and WSOs and it's pretty much been useless. Ghengis gave me a 1 day trial of SE3 a few weeks back when it was still Alpha and after seeings what it's capable off I immidately sold my kidney and my wife's jewerly to get a 1 month subscription (was a subscription model back then) and I haven't looked back since. (got myself a new kidney too)
Just can't sleep because of this. Anyways got no money to buy from this one,hardly getting a 100$ in a month and just too late for a review copies.

That's life! Goodluck everyone and God Bless!
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