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    I promise you this is not another 'which linux distro is best question. Let me explain what I am dealing with:

    I have created a monster. I have cobbled together an end to end research to scheduled posting system. I. Get my data from:

    Google keyword tool in the form of keyword text lists as well as csv data

    From market samurai csv. Data on kw research and url top 10 comp.

    I get data from scrapebox as lists and csv

    I currently access data through open office base as a front end to a mysql database.

    I run various other tasks for the system using a autohotkey gui backed up by batch files.

    These batch files fire off python scripts.

    I visually automate the whole damn thing through sikuli and winautomation scripts hooked together through retarded; you click boolean buttons on my message box and back at you looping.

    I feel like mr burns. Every disease is counteracting the other making the whole thing work forever.

    I want to kill all this nonsense and build it back up from scratch.

    I thought of this stack


    But then thought vba might be better if I dump ooo/mysql and used msoffice esp excel/access.

    Then I thought I should just dump the autohotkey gui while I was at it and just do it in VB.

    Is there any reason I should consider I may get some more harware and add a winserver environment to scale up in the future.

    With my current heavy use of osr tools and a bastardized script set, use of several 3rd party programs for data retrieval and distribution via browsers I might just get frustrated enough to dust off the flask manual and try to reinvent my rather mishapen wheel with the help of gentoo. LOL.

    Would you slect one of the vb flavors in totality? Vb\or net as a standalone, one or more of the others simply desktop integrated, or a networked client server solution form the start and a single or tiered (through wsh)language solution?

    Sorry for the long winded question. Just excited and frustrated with my project growting pains.
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    If you rely on 3rd party software, aka Scrapebox to get your data, you will get hurt in the long run. That is my experience. It's more noble to code the whole thang from your own hands from A to Z. No woman no cry, well, it's the same with 3rd party software. In the end, the 3rd party software will come up with a limitation that will make you suicidial. Dont go this road.